greetings and salutations



Do I want to be a blogger? I’m the kind of person who winces at the word. I picture someone who thinks others actually hang on their every thought. To the blogosphere’s defense, I have found some that elevate the conversation that’s happening. I’m on Twitter and am blown away by the frequency of my tweets. It’s as if I’m unemployed and on the couch all day with my laptop wearing sweats and moose-head slippers. This has to change. Winter has been cold and icky but once nice weather hits, I’m going to live more of my life outside. Last summer was pretty fun. The immediate stress of losing my job wasn’t too bad because after my company’s reorganization, my position became a painful death sentence only to feel the sweet release of death via the axe. The upside of being so plugged in is I now have amazing amounts of useless information about celebrities and my neighbors. What I find most interesting is the frequency of tweets of successful people. They have their finger on the pulse and are tweeting about it. Problem is, none of us are making any money. I would be liberal and say few but let’s face it folks, it sucks out there. I’m hustling for gigs that pay 60% less than my pre-recession rate. My plan is to pursue my interests and go after the fields that I can work for less in order to be in position with the thought leaders as we figure out the new economy.

So this is what it is. I’ll just blurt out whatever I’m thinking and you’ll hang on every word.



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