Gigs I Wanna See: Scott H. Biram

scott-h-biramI don’t make a habit of linking to CMT because they leave the same bad taste in my mouth that MTV, VH-1 & BET do. That said, WOO HOO!! Scott H. Biram is coming out with a new cd on May 19th!

Scott H. Biram, “Still Drunk, Still Crazy, Still Blue” (from the CD, “Something’s Wrong/Lost Forever” due May 19): Like a one-man Sex Pistols of alt-country, Texan Scott Biram is a take-no-prisoners, hell-bent, raging musical evangelist. Read the title of this song and you know just what you have in store, and it’s well worth it. Mostly Biram accompanies himself on a Gibson hollow-body guitar — often distorted — along with harmonica and electrified foot stomp board to fuel his musical rampages through a gothic landscape. He is sometimes great and scary at the same time. Good for him. Is there still room on the musical landscape for such a maverick? I think there may actually be more room these days, given the different avenues for an artist to reach the listener, apart from the traditional record label to record store route.

Looking at his website for dates, he’s playing Union Hall here in Brooklyn on Thursday, August 6th.

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