News Update

music_news Scott H. Biram – From Twang Nation 3/6/09: Our thoughts go out to Texas’ own ‘Dirty Old One Man Band’ Scott H Biram who after his last show in Europe suffered a compound fracture in the leg he uses on the his stomp board during performance. He is currently in a French hospital after surgery to implant yet another titanium rod in his leg (where another already exists due to a run in with a Semi a few years back.) It looks like he will be put on a plane home Saturday and can then heal in the good ole USA where its home but where insurance and reasonably priced medical care aren’t available to musicians. Go help the boy out and buy some of his CDs and swag! UPDATE: He is OK and back on tour. 🙂

Unknown HinsonHe’s jammed with the Rolling Stones, is preparing for a tour where he’ll play guitar with Billy Bob Thornton and open for Willie Nelson. He’s been hailed by Tom Petty, and Hank III and he’s ON TOUR

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