Product Review: JVC NX-PN7 iPod/iPhone Audio System

JVC NX-PN7When my iPod alarm clock (iHome iH5BR) died because the dials no longer worked, I headed over to the Circuit City liquidation sale at Flatbush & Atlantic. (I should mention that I first tried Target but their shelves were empty as usual and the dissapointment at them rages on.) This was the only clock radio that had what I’m looking for with a sticker that prominently said “Works with iPhone”. I asked the salesman if there were any other parts or cords to the unit. He rolled his eyes at me and gave an exasperated “no” like I’m an idiot. No wonder your company is going out of business, your staff sucks. I kick myself for buying it at CC because there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges so I’m stuck with it and don’t have the money to get something else.

As soon as I got it home, I docked my iPhone in and got an error message and have to put it on Airplane Mode so not to cause interference with the speakers. That doesn’t sound iPhone compatible if it can’t be a phone and tell me when I have a call. Then I tried to set the time and for the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I swallowed my pride and downloaded the PDF instruction manual from JVC’s website. To set the time, you need the remote control. I called JVC to order one for an additional $42.75 (after seeing I could have gotten this entire unit on for $40 less with the damn remote and wires) and of course, the remote was on back-order. They had no problem taking the money out of my account immediately though. I plugged the unit in at midnight and watched the time flash on and off with some silly bars of LED illumination (ghetto!) for a couple of months while waiting for the remote. I also realized that there was no AM antennae (which I just swapped from my old unit) and you need a special FM (75 Ω wire with coaxial type connector) antennae in order to get any FM reception and I’m absolutely NOT pouring any more money into this POS.

Once the remote came, I figured everything would be fine and I could stop bitching and fussing over this thing, but my complaint list just grows. First of all, when you set the alarm, the clock no longer shows. Actually, if you are using it for anything other than to tell time, the clock doesn’t show (see! even in the picture above! noooo clock time). Once the alarm goes off, there is NO snooze. What kind of alarm clock doesn’t snooze?! Also those ghetto LED light bars are on all the time. If you want them off, you need to turn them off each time you use the product (and not by choosing Dim Off but Dim 2 for no lights). There’s also no battery backup for power outages. The power cord has a huge block in the middle, so if you want this on a shelf with the cord hidden, it ain’t happening. The only positive thing I can say is the sound is good. Overall you can tell that this product was slapped together by a bunch of different people and no consideration was taken into streamlining functionality or user experience. I certainly would not recommend this product to anyone, nor do I consider JVC to be all that anymore.


  1. Brutal review but very honest and I appreciate honesty. Thank you! I was looking for a secret back door way to set the clock without waiting for remote or buying one since I lost it in a move. I guess there is no other way. Thanks for the other info.

    PS the ghetto led lights bug me too

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