Tweeets in Spaaaaace!

Astro Mike MassiminoAstronaut Mike Massimino, currently in orbit on space shuttle Atlantis, is better known in the Twitterverse as Astro_Mike. More than 300,000 Twitter users follow his updates, which began last month as chronicles of his preparation for liftoff. Since Atlantis lifted off a week ago, Massimino has continuously tweeted about the beautiful views from space and, most recently, how difficult it was to sleep after an epic spacewalk. But how does he access Twitter 350 miles (550 kilometers) above Earth? NASA spokesperson James Hartsfield of the Johnson Space Center in Houston says that support staff on the ground post updates on Twitter that Massimino sends them from a laptop aboard the shuttle. By John Matson

My favorite tweets include:
From orbit: Eating chocolates in space, floating then in front of me then floating and eating them like I am a fish
From orbit: Getting ready for bed, sleeping in space is cool, tie down your sleeping bag and float inside of it, very relaxing

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