The .357 String Band Minus Jayke

.357 String Band BKNYDude what the hell? I just read on Jayke’s blog that The .357 String Band gave him the boot. “for the record, the discussion of dropping me like a groupie was done behind close doors and absolutely behind my back. the conversation was 2 minutes long, and one minute of that was me thinking they were joking.”
We were lucky enough to catch their set when they opened for Joe Buck and they wound up crashing at my place after the gig. (Band photo in front of my apartment with Jayke far right) It was a joy to be cool enough to host musicians and Jayke and I got a chance to get to know each other on the supermarket breakfast run. He’s a hell of a nice guy who is devoted to his band, art and music. I have both their cds and they are absolutely worth the purchase.
I hope nothing but the best for the band and I look forward to following Jayke’s musical career as this is in no way the end of opportunities that await him. He’s immensely talented and gorgeous and sweet. I wish him success and happiness.


  1. wtf well now then….i will just have to proclaim myself a jayke orvis fan as well as .357… looking forward to hearing what comes next for jake

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