It Might Get Loud: My Review

It Might Get LoudIt Might Get Loud

YOU HAVE TO SEE THIS MOVIE. If you like rock and roll and worship at the strings of Jimmy Page, The Edge and Jack White like I do, this is a must see. I got into Led Zeppelin when I was in Jr. High School in the mid-80s along with The Who and The Rolling Stones and all the other masters of the genre but Led Zep always spoke to me on a level that The Beatles did. They formed my opinions of what I liked and how hard I liked it. I can’t imagine growing up without the genius of Jimmy Page. Music was my church and sanity and these were the gods I looked to. I remember in High School U2 really hit it but I was off in metal land listening to bootlegs of Metallica. There was this girl Elana who was totally obsessed with U2 and even though I wasn’t into them, I thought her musical devotion cool as hell and never forgot it. Now The Joshua Tree and Rattle and Hum are permanently on my desert island disc list as they completely blow me away.

As for The White Stripes, Get Behind Me Satan is a cd that I can listen to on repeat and love each listen. Jack White is all of my influences wrapped together in his own genius. I remember when I first heard Leadbelly and my search of the roots of rock and roll began.

This is a movie that puts you in the room of the three of them and it’s an honor just to watch it. When Jimmy Page first riffs into “Whole Lotta Love” the jaw-dropping look on Jack White and The Edge’s face is exactly those of us in the audience. Pure awe and worship. My only complaint is that this film isn’t ten hours long. I want to be there. I want to live in that room and hear every thought in their mind.

It’s a joy to see the masters explore their loves and the story of how they grew into who they are. Jimmy Page turns into an air-guitar playing little boy at the listen of Link Wray’s “Rumble”. Hearing him deconstruct its attitude reawakened my love for the song. He describes his album and 45 collection as old friends to visit with and I love that I have the same feeling. When it comes down to it, Jimmy Page is as much of a fanbooy as the rest of us. Watching him play “The Battle of Evermore” on mandolin in front of his castle made me think that his gift is one of thousands of years. 

As a technophile, I have a new appreciation for The Edge. He embraces and plays with every conceivable sound you can possibly get from a guitar. It’s his voice and he is a master at getting his point across. It takes you through the beginning stages of “I Will Follow” which I think is one of the greatest rock songs of my generation. It’s one of those songs that you wish there really was an 11 on volume. It also takes you though his creative process in the writing of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” which got all of us to watch the news and take a look at the world around us. We also get to see Jack White write an entire song from start to finish in the movie. I noticed that he writes in pencil with no eraser. I think that takes more balls thank ink.

Toward the end of the film, the three of them jam to “In My Time of Dying” and the entire audience applauded and cheered. The grand finale was “The Weight” (also one of my all time favorite songs) was fantastic because it brought all of their different styles and methods to the song. Once the movie ended, the entire audience clapped and most of us stayed until the last credit rolled up the screen.

Now it’s time to do a well done rock doc with drummers!!

Here’s a tidbit I found on YouTube:

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