Website Review: Rachel Brooke

I should probably start out by saying I worship Rachel Brooke. Her voice is perfection, her lyrics dark. I think she’s a great example of DIY. Her 2008 demo is so rough you can hear the push of the stop button. I think it adds to the charm. The music is so good, I put the whole thing on repeat.

In her tour announcement (woo!), she sent out this web address: It’s beautiful. The music doesn’t stop no matter where you’re surfing on the site. There’s a lot of great information presented so nicely.

My only snag is there are no individual page addresses. I’m not sure if that’s a Flash thing or what. I’d like to email my friend the tour schedule and must tell her to go to the site, then find the categories on top and click on the 4th one from the left, “Patience” (hahah!).

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