Jayke Orvis: “It’s All Been Said”

This year has launched some fantastic projects and one of the most anticipated is Jayke Orvis’s solo debut, “It’s All Been Said”. I saw Jayke live last year-ish back when he was with The .357 String Band when they opened for Joe Buck in a little Polish nightclub here in Brooklyn. That show is going in the annals of awesomeness. A lot has changed since then. He’s now on the road with The Goddamn Gallows (you must see the show!) and has this solo cd aaaand will be on tour with Rachel Brooke and James Hunnicutt (coming to New Haven, CT on Sunday, October 3rd).

First, some shop talk: The font on the cover, Bleeding Cowboy, needs to be retired. Now. Fifty lashings with a wet noodle to the next band to use it. And attention Farmageddon Records: I love the hell out of yoos but can we get a copy editor up in here? I probably shouldn’t throw out rules from my non-edited blooog but you’re supposed to be the professionals. It drives me batty to put in a new cd with no track listing or incorrect capitalization. Seriously. Check the rules here.

On to the good stuff… I’m not going to ramble on each song with how good he is. He’s gifted, we know this. Just assume that I have a musicality thumbs up on each tune.

And here’s a treat: James Hunnicutt and Jayke Orvis jamming out in some cheap motel

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