5:24 PM: I was on the Upper East Side tweeting about the can lady yapping on her Blackberry when the first raindrops hit. I went underground into the subway and got out at my Brooklyn stop around a half hour later. The first thing I noticed was the gigantic tree limbs all over the sidewalk where the fruit guy’s cart should be. Then I saw the corner building scaffolding collapsed in a gigantic heap. I assumed a ginormo lightening bolt or a series of them (is that possible?) hit the corner. Then I saw the fruit stand guy looking shaken and my neighbors around him offering comfort. As I walked down the street, the tree carnage did not end. Leaves and branches were everywhere and cars were trashed. My mind went into detective mode trying to figure out what possibly could have caused such widespread chaos all the way to my apartment.

I have since taken a walk around and everything will be OK. Some of my neighbors have whopping insurance claims to be filed and argued.

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