Hank III Live! Again!

This year’s Hank III shows were EPIC. We saw him play for 3 hours on Tuesday night at Northern Lights in Clifton Park, NY and then another 3 hours the next at Williamsburg Music Hall. I’m spent. I’ve sported a goofy grin all day. What a great tour to end what will be known as “The Curb Years”.

The Northern Lights gig was so much fun. The vibe was more country and I got to dance with a cowboy! (he had a hat and everything!) Ladies threw their panties at Gary! It was awesome! I spied Hank III in-between sets take off his cowboy hat, hold up a bottle of water and pour it over his head and down the back of his neck. It was Penthouse hot.

The Brooklyn show was phenomenal. Apparently, I have a posse! All these cool photographers and writers I know via the shows we go to. The only bummer was this crusty hipster couple that acted totally annoying from the moment they arrived when the chick announced she’d stomp over my head to get to Joe Buck. Yeah. (Joe Buck hasn’t played with Hank III for years.) They were pushing and shoving before the band even stepped on stage. We situated ourselves in front of Zach Shedd so we’re right up front and safely to the side of the mosh pit. Hank III opened with “Straight to Hell” and crusty hipster boyfriend started moshing by himself, cracking me in the back of my head and crashing into the girl next to me. Using my all powerful Brooklyn instincts, I whipped around, tossing him to the side and barked “seriously?!”. The posse liked that one. My hero photographer, Asaf, planted himself behind me and joyfully deflected moshers and crowd surfers for the rest of the set. Within minutes, hipster boyfriend irked security and got himself tossed. The rest of the show was the contained-ish chaos that I know and love.

It was such a great show but I missed Adam McOwen and Munesh. Does anyone know who they are playing with now?

The Richmond, VA show was recorded and can be found here: http://www.archive.org/details/hw3-2010-09-04


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