Best of 2010 in Music

The best part about this year was it felt like the musical floodgates opened and all this really great stuff came pouring out.

BEST ALBUM: Outlaw Radio: Compilation Vol. 1 To me, it’s controversial to put a compilation on an all encompassing award. (My review here) But this cd still in my stereo and I like it so much, I bought a few more and sent them out to friends. It gave me gifts of new songs by artists I already know are awesome and introduced me to bands that I had no idea were awesome. Thank you Jashie P. for putting this out there. My favorite album as a whole is Jayke Orvis: It’s All Been Said. Jayke is one of the best our movement has to offer and he brings all his friends with him.

BEST MEDIA EVENT: Tom Waits interviewed Hank III for Mojo Magazine. Epic.

BEST LIVE SHOW: Hank III & The Damn Band with AssJack. This award has gone to Hank III for the past 5 years. There is no competition. Having said that, I had an absolute ball at Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears with Cedric Burnside & Lightnin’ Malcom and The Goddamn Gallows and Henry Rollins and Wayne Hancock and Lucky Tubb and Carole King with James Taylor and Jayke Orvis & Friends!! Whadda year!

BEST  LABELS: When I find a label that gets what I’m hearing, I enjoy following the business aspect of the art. Farmageddon Records, Pint of Happiness, and Hillgrass Bluebilly Records have got it going on. I can’t wait to hear the 2011 releases from all of them.

BEST WEBSITE: Saving Country Music There are few sites that I check out every damn thing it has to offer, much less on a regular basis. Triggerman has built an entire community up, got us organized and kept us entertained and informed. All in one place. Bravo dude.

Hip-Hop: What happened to hip-hop? This year has been meh. The biggest releases have left me deflated. Eminem’s “Recovery” isn’t bad but he’s capable of so much more. I’m glad he’s gone through rehab and gotten his life back, and I think it’s a good album for twelve-steppers to hold onto. I look forward to his next project. As for Kanye, hated it. Rolling Stone gave it 5 stars. I don’t think it deserves five stars any more than my hate. With that kind of hype, how can I not be disappointed? First, he dropped a 30-minute film and I loved it. It is beautiful. One of the things I love most about Kanye is he is true to his art and he has a beautiful eye. His beats are the blueprint for the rest of hip-hop. He really just needs to shut the hell up. It’s either ego or douchebaggery with a good line here and there dispensed like biscuits.

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