I Haz iPad

I’ve been scoffing at it since it came out. I’m all poopoo on the price, calling it a ginormo app gizmo. Yeah, all that’s still true. What’s changed? I got one as a gift and now I’m head over heals in love with it. Good God it’s beautiful. Sometimes I just scroll through the pages just to see the pretty user interface. The presentation of photos are gorgeous. The apps are useful, fun and technological feats of excitement.  Its faults are just as maddening. First of all, the iBooks. I’m a biography fan and I enjoy the photos that come with someone’s life story. No photos in books. AYKMWTS? I’ve been told that this is the publisher’s responsibility to deliver the books in e-format with pictures. So publishers, you better get with the program. My other big problem with it is eye strain. Now, it’s probably not recommended to be glued to this thing all day but how can you not be? It’s amazing! I buried myself into it 20 of the first 24 hours that I had it. Now I’m blind. I hate reading glasses and now they are on my face more often than my pre-iPad life. Grrr.

Overall, it’s a feast of awesomeness. If you have a ton of money you just don’t know what to do with, head over to the Apple store.

One comment

  1. Congratz! I think getting it as a gift is the only way I’d get my hands on one too!

    For reading the Kindle and eInk readers are still supposed to be superior for long-term reading than the back-lit iPad. It’s like comparing reading paper over a computer screen, by the end of the day your eyes are shot and you’ve likely got a headache.

    But that’s when you switch to playing a game 😉

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