Lil’ Kim “Black Friday Mixtape”

When Grammy Award Winning Lil’ Kim released her response, Black Friday, to Nikki Minaj’s dis on YouTube I got all kinds of Christmas excited for a new joint. Notorious K.I.M., La Bella Mafia, and Naked Truth albums still spin in my collection. She was Biggie’s girl (no disrespect to Faith Hill) and I respect her as the Queen Bee of hip-hop. This woman was there when it started and wrote the blueprint. What happened? 

From start to finish this is all ghetto and not in a fabulous way. For the release, she tweeted a link that led to a basic PayPal page. No artwork, no message, no nothing. Just sign over $10 (for a mixtape no less!) and pray that it’s not some scam looking to get your bank info. I waited a couple of days for it to show up on iTunes or CD Baby and nothing. So I went ahead with PayPal, crossed my fingers and waited. And waited. A month went by and nothing. No email, no communication whatsoever and us Twitterers were getting pissed. I filed a formal complaint with PayPal to get a refund the other day and today the cd arrives. It’s super DIY which I’m not dissing but why does the Queen Bee need to go that route? The Avery return address label is from Delaware, the postmark is from the Bronx, and Kim is from here in Brooklyn. The cd says “For Promotional Use Only” which means there should never have been sold in the first place. I’m not going to gripe that hard over $10 bucks but it’s just another shaking of my head.

Far as the cd goes, it’s terrible. A couple of tunes are tolerable but none hold a candle to Black Friday. I was excited for this cd purely on the strength of this song and am disappointed. The only good thing about it is that it doesn’t have the annoying DJ Absolute overdubs that ruin it on YouTube. As a single, it rules. It’s everything a good beef is about. Imaginative disses (my favorite is “I mothered you hoes, I should claim you on my income taxes.”), phenomenal beats and in the end Nikki is eviscerated by the Queen. She still wears the crown and always will in my book. I hope her future work is more representative of Black Friday than the catastrophe that is this mix tape.


  1. Wow…Glad to see she is still in the game. You remember Crush on You? Still miss BIGGIE. Remember Unbelievable? Now those were the days!!!! This was a great post and coolness on posting the video!!!

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