The Lost Notebooks of Hank Williams: My Review

This project is controversial to say the least. It’s as if someone found some rough Picasso sketches and asked you to finish them. How could you possibly even pick up a brush? I think Hank Sr. is the best songwriter in American history. There is not one flawed lyric in his entire collection. He was gifted. So a part of me thinks it’s blasphemy to even add your own assumed lyrics to his masterpieces. But then I came across Lucinda Williams’s “I’m So Happy I Found You” on youtube and every single time I hear it, I tear up. I heard she didn’t add any lyrics, just her simple guitar. It’s wonderful. And because of that I can’t stand on a soapbox and yell and scream about how wrong this whole thing is. So I’m going to give this a chance. I would greatly appreciate a PDF attachment of liner notes detailing who added what lyrics. I would have also greatly appreciated the input of his grandson, Hank 3. I don’t think he would have touched it with a ten foot pole, but I now have a wish to see him on stage sing with Lucinda. I think that might beautifully tear my heart right out. –my review

I’ve since listened to it and I think the top 3 songs are: “You’ve Been Lonesome, Too” by Alan Jackson, “How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart” by Norah Jones, and (obviously) “I’m So Happy I Found You” by Lucinda Williams.

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