Rest in Peace Whitney

In 1985 I was 13 (an actual teenager!) and was given Whitney Houston’s first album. I squirreled away in my room and played it over and over again. I sat pretzel style, hovering over the turntable wearing huge headphones with a cord as thick as a garden snake. I closed my eyes and escaped in to her voice that asked all my questions and dreamed all my hopes of finding true love. Clive Davis discovered her and paired her with Jermaine Jackson and Teddy Pendergrass. I was in pop music heaven.

Her second album, “Whitney” bore the video I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me); I thought she was perfection. She was my teenage dream and I wanted to be just like her. She was so beautiful, so talented, and had so much fun. I thought she would never have any problems in her entire life. The rest, we know, is history and her battles with demons have been heart-wrenching.

I will always remember her and love her as my ambassador into teenagehood. My warmest condolences go to her family, friends, and us fellow fans who were never the same after we first heard that voice.

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