XSXSW 5: A Virtual Review

Take care of the music, and the music will take care of you.
~ Jac Holzman, Founder of Elektra Records

And the momentum of greatness keeps keepin’ on! A gaggle of my favorite musicians, labels, podcasters, bloggers, and fans all gathered in Austin, TX this weekend to showcase our slice of amazing music that is happening today. Here’s the lineup

There’s also a charter: “The idea of XSXSW is to re-focus the event on music and people, to rekindle the spirit of the Austin music scene, as well as civic and Texas pride by using music to renew community, infrastructure, and people, instead of taxing them to their limits.”

The thing with me is, I couldn’t be there. With airfare, hotel, and transportation through the roof due to the SXSW madness, my bank account just laughed at me when I presented the idea. Thanks to the awesome nerdiness of modern technology, I watched the live broadcast on Saving Country Music Live, and chatted with fans all over the world!

And then there are the performances! I love discovering new music and this did not disappoint. Pearls Mahone’s got some pipes! When Run On Sentence yodeled, I swooned! And James “Slim” Hand stole the show. What a performance! It was like we all stepped back in time and experienced the old honky tonks. Girls in skirts and cowboy boots danced with guys wearing western shirts and cowboy hats. Everyone that performed did a great job and I would be remiss not to mention my gals: Rachel Brooke and Ruby Jane; they are the very best!

Hopefully next year, I’ll be able to be there in person to soak up all that great energy. If not, I’m quite content to couch it and not have to miss out on anything.

Here’s my view:


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