Rachel Brooke: A Killer’s Dream

A Killers DreamRachel Brooke’s new album, “A Killer’s Dream” shows her progression as an artist, and it’s a joy to be a part of as a fan. I still think everyone needs to own her Demos. They are simply a woman and her guitar and it is perfection. With a base so strong, she can only go up. This album wonderfully showcases her progression as a songwriter, instrumentalist, and band member. She collaborates with Viva le Vox (love them!) and I get the feeling they were like kids in a candy store picking and choosing all the instruments heard on this album. It’s old blues and bobby socks.

She starts with her voice in “Have it All”. No autotune needed. In fact, this entire album was recorded in about a week with full takes, and no computers were added until the distribution process. So there.

Everything is just so good, it’s hard not to gush. Her lyrics first grabbed me in the song, “Fox in a Hen House” with “There ain’t no devil in my heart, ‘cause I ain’t no man. But there’s been one in my kitchen, she been cookin with my pots and pans.

And the remake of “Late Night Lover” with the music of the saw and horns added with more oompa drums. Just perfect. This entire album is a drum nerd’s dream. Not overstating, but just right in their confident presence.

“Every Night About This Time” is her homage to Fats. She does it justice.

As a gift to us who have been there since the demos, “Life Sentence Blues” is her and a guitar perfection. She sings my soul yet again, and it’s hard not to shed a tear every time I hear this song.

The storytelling really comes through in “Old Faded Memory” with Lonesome Wyatt of Those Poor Bastards. And she yodels which just makes me grin like a kid in school.

“Ashes to Ashes” is one you’ll be singing in your head for days to come. And the horn is just perfect.

As a tease, she released the video to “The Black Bird” and it’s so good, I have the video play through my head. It’s by far the most fun with instruments.
The Black Bird:

“Only for You” is the perfect crush song. It’s why they call them crushes.

My favorite on the album is “Serpentine Blues” I love the guitar and the drums, and rock and rollness to it.

And to end with a cherry on top, there is the title track, “A Killer’s Dream” FUN FUN FUN! “He’s a hit man, she’s a queen. He’s a hit man, she’s a killer’s dream!” I love love love this. The video is so good, CMT took it and ran with it.
A Killer’s Dream:

Oh… then for those of you who bought a physical album, cd, or cassette, there is a hidden track at the end. It’s haunting and beautiful and perfect.

Bravo. I love it.

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