The Christy Family Present: Jayke Orvis and His Broken Band

There is a network of people all over the country who help support underground music: the fans, the bands, the couches, the kitchens, the promoters, the bloggers, the internet radio DJs, and everyone on Facebook and Twitter and YouTube. There is a family in Pennsylvania who opens their home, and fills the venue. BJ and Coley Christy are the creative force behind Silent Storm Design, and the overlords of Silent Storm Radio where different DJs spin their perspective of good music. Their micro-fest last summer, Christy Fest, was a highlight. They host many a musician, and have broadcast live house concerts from their living room. So when they booked the bar in town to host Jayke Orvis and His Broken Band, people came in from hundreds of miles away to be a part of it.

On January 19th I took Amtrak to Pennsylvania and listened to Olds Sleeper as I passed through the towns he sings about. BJ picked me up and we went to the grocery store. I have this thing about suburban grocery stores. The one down the block from me is practically gas station size compared to the ones out in the country. It’s like an outing for me. Big box stores might as well be outer space. We got to the house and I got to play with the new handsome hound, Winston. And seeing the Christy kids, Liam and Sean, is always a treat. Liam’s got skills in Angry Birds in Space, and Sean’s witty outlook is always a treat. Friends tickled in and the arrival of Jayke Orvis, Liz Sloan, and Jared McGovern arrival kicked off the party with their friend E-Bomb.

Jayke Orvis and His Broken Band rocked Knute’s Pub to the foundation. Just remembering “Raise the Moon” gives me goosebumps all over again. Another favorite part of the evening were the screams for James Hunnicutt though he could not be there. The whole gig turned out to be like a mini-muddy-roots. The NE contingency got to hang out and experience Jayke, Liz, and Jared. After the set, Liz and Jared played a few songs and watching their musical communication was great.

Since there is nothing on YouTube for the Knute’s performances, I found this as my offering with Joe Huber and Rick Ness:


  1. AWWWWWWWWWW Much Love Gill!!!! 🙂 We love having you all here and bringing live music to our small little town for everyone to enjoy! 🙂

  2. It was so cool! When I was a kid discovering music, I thought I was born a generation too late. How can the life not put me at a Doors or Beatles concert? Since I’ve discovered this music, I’m now grateful to live in the present.

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