Possessed by Paul James: There Will be Nights When I’m Lonely

PPJ There Will be Nights When I'm LonelyMy first listen of There Will be Nights When I’m Lonely, I put on the good headphones, turned up the volume, and closed my eyes. Seconds into Hurricane I was in 110%. That’s his power. He’s our Shaman.

Konrad Wert is a teacher/father/singer/songwriter from Austin, Texas. His achievements include Teacher of the Year, an Independent Music Award for his songwriting, and devotion of fans all over. He is a music aficionado. It’s the sound, the rhythm, the texture. He’s aware of all that surrounds him and weaves it into the human condition.

This is an album you buy for yourself, then go back to the website to order a few more to give to friends. It’s good November listening; a cornucopia of sounds that embrace the lonely soul.

Heavy is one of my favorites; he manages to articulate how hard life can be without sounding defeatist. The gem of the album is the introduction to “There Will be Nights When I’m Lonely”. It feels like those moments when you’re playing and everything comes out perfect. Every song is good in its own right. This album is the progression of his growth as a man, and as an artist. If you don’t have his earlier works, go here.

The collaborations on this album are just as good as the music. He made the video above explaining the back-story and who he worked with, from high school poet friends, to musical and producer partnerships. The album is brought to us by the brilliant minds over at Hillgrass Bluebilly Records. Album details can be found here. Also, a fellow fangirl pal of mine, Suzy, who is an amazing folk artist, provided the album cover art. She told me Konrad reached out to her and explained a bit about the album and there is a song called Dragons. Her son nicknamed himself Firedragon when he was very young and keeps the nickname to this day. Konrad is going for a ‘joyful but lonely’ feeling. Telling her to trust the process, they exchanged emails back and forth until…

“One day I posted a photo on Facebook of my son holding a Dragonfly up at the Skeenah River. It had inspired my art for the day, a piece called ‘Magic Can Happen When You Least Expect It.’ It was a recycled sculpture of a hand holding a butterfly. My son always has had this way about him, where ever we go, animals are attracted to him. They always have been, dragonflies, butterflies, cats, dogs, squirrels. I used to tell him he was a forest elf. Konrad saw that photo and asked if he could use it. Of course I said yes! My son is so excited. He told me he didn’t want the paparazzi following him around though. My son has high functioning autism and has said recently that he wished Konrad was his teacher. I Think Konrad affects everyone he encounters that way from his fans, to his students and everyone else…”

Saving Country Music is streaming the album here. And if you’ve never seen him play live, it will change your life.

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