Best of 2010 in Music

The best part about this year was it felt like the musical floodgates opened and all this really great stuff came pouring out.

BEST ALBUM: Outlaw Radio: Compilation Vol. 1 To me, it’s controversial to put a compilation on an all encompassing award. (My review here) But this cd still in my stereo and I like it so much, I bought a few more and sent them out to friends. It gave me gifts of new songs by artists I already know are awesome and introduced me to bands that I had no idea were awesome. Thank you Jashie P. for putting this out there. My favorite album as a whole is Jayke Orvis: It’s All Been Said. Jayke is one of the best our movement has to offer and he brings all his friends with him.

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Jayke Orvis: “It’s All Been Said”

This year has launched some fantastic projects and one of the most anticipated is Jayke Orvis’s solo debut, “It’s All Been Said”. I saw Jayke live last year-ish back when he was with The .357 String Band when they opened for Joe Buck in a little Polish nightclub here in Brooklyn. That show is going in the annals of awesomeness. A lot has changed since then. He’s now on the road with The Goddamn Gallows (you must see the show!) and has this solo cd aaaand will be on tour with Rachel Brooke and James Hunnicutt (coming to New Haven, CT on Sunday, October 3rd).

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Website Review: Rachel Brooke

I should probably start out by saying I worship Rachel Brooke. Her voice is perfection, her lyrics dark. I think she’s a great example of DIY. Her 2008 demo is so rough you can hear the push of the stop button. I think it adds to the charm. The music is so good, I put the whole thing on repeat.

In her tour announcement (woo!), she sent out this web address: It’s beautiful. The music doesn’t stop no matter where you’re surfing on the site. There’s a lot of great information presented so nicely.

My only snag is there are no individual page addresses. I’m not sure if that’s a Flash thing or what. I’d like to email my friend the tour schedule and must tell her to go to the site, then find the categories on top and click on the 4th one from the left, “Patience” (hahah!).

Dear Microsoft Store:

I’ve been a geek and customer since my first DOS game, Eliza in 1986. One of my favorite things about being a tech nerd has been experiencing the evolution of technology since then. When something goes this wrong, I feel the need to fix it or at least make the breakage known. My experience with customer service and tech help have been comically nightmarish so far on this incident I’ve been working on since August of 2009. The quick and dirty version is when I ordered my laptop in August, I bought Microsoft Office Home & Student 2007 along with it. I assumed it had Outlook and was dismayed that it would be an additional $100 to add it. Turns out, you don’t sell Microsoft Outlook 2007 as a stand-alone product and finding a sales rep to figure out how to make that happen took many phone calls (only to be double-charged two different prices which only worries me about their internal accounting practices). I was finally successful last month and now almost every program I have crashes a few minutes into it. So I again am on the phone. I try not to lose my temper when talking with customer service people over the phone. Their world is just as frustrating.

This is how today went:

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New Chanel!

Chanel Event 10-09My roommate and I went to Vanity Fair’s Chanel event at Saks named “Fragrances & Florals: A Presentation of Les Exclusifs de Chanel Fragrance Collection” with Eden McCracken, Chanel Fragrance Expert and Meredith Wanga Perez, Founder & Creative Director of Belle Fleur.

The room was done nicely with beautiful bouquets and the champagne was flowing. We were introduced to the base scents first then the Chanel fragrances that went with them. I discovered a new favorite sent in tuberose and sampled iris, hawthorn, gardenia and green grass. I thought the green grass was off as I associate the smell more with Demeter’s version.

The new fragrances we sampled were: No. 22, Bel Respiro, Gardenia, La Pausa, and Beige. I like Beige the most but not the name. I associate beige with drab and conformist.

It was a nice presentation and the swag bag was great.

I Want This T-Shirt


As seen at the Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival: “Think Geek“.
Twisted up in Schrödinger’s uncertainty thought experiment, this historical kitty has been put through a quantum ringer that nobody should have to experience. After all it’s tough work being both alive and dead simultaneously. Every student of physics knows that Schrödinger’s 1935 paper regarding a hypothetical paradox involving a cat has perplexed and annoyed physics geeks for years. The basic idea; If the outcome of a circumstance is presently unknown and by observing the circumstance you will disrupt it, then it exists in all possible states simultaneously… Simple! At least to quantum physicists with massive craniums. And hey eventually this principle will seem commonplace, but by then our highways will connect galaxies and shirts like this will be so utterly obvious that they’ll likely be dish rags.

Don’t get it? We propose the following thought experiment:

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Product Review: JVC NX-PN7 iPod/iPhone Audio System

JVC NX-PN7When my iPod alarm clock (iHome iH5BR) died because the dials no longer worked, I headed over to the Circuit City liquidation sale at Flatbush & Atlantic. (I should mention that I first tried Target but their shelves were empty as usual and the dissapointment at them rages on.) This was the only clock radio that had what I’m looking for with a sticker that prominently said “Works with iPhone”. I asked the salesman if there were any other parts or cords to the unit. He rolled his eyes at me and gave an exasperated “no” like I’m an idiot. No wonder your company is going out of business, your staff sucks. I kick myself for buying it at CC because there are absolutely no refunds or exchanges so I’m stuck with it and don’t have the money to get something else.

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