Rachel Brook(lyn)

RB BK 2013Not only did Rachel Brooke come to NYC to sing with a full band, we got to spend time together. Rachel with a full band is the bee’s knees. On bass is Brooks Robbins and he is just the coolest cat. We sang Rocky Horror Picture Show songs in the van on the way to the gig. Her brother Andy is on drums and he is so good, and is a fellow sound aficionado. On guitar is Nick who gave me my perfect show moment when I heard him start up Serpentine Blues. During the show, Rachel sang a few songs with just her guitar, and there wasn’t a dry eye in Public Assembly during Life Sentence Blues.

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Jay-Z Opens Brooklyn

The first song I liked by Jay-Z was “Hard Knock Life (Ghetto Anthem)” in 1998. As an urchin who grew up with the Broadway soundtrack to Annie on cassette tape, it immediately became my personal theme song. I also remember when Hot 97 was playing The Takeover like a broken record to hype the Nas beef. There is no arguing with me over poorly sampling Jim Morrison.

I think every genre has its masters. Jay-Z came from one of the country’s most dangerous neighborhoods; grew from artist to executive, and still does his art. He’s married to Beyoncé, and is a father for the first time. He is such a great success story.

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5:24 PM: I was on the Upper East Side tweeting about the can lady yapping on her Blackberry when the first raindrops hit. I went underground into the subway and got out at my Brooklyn stop around a half hour later. The first thing I noticed was the gigantic tree limbs all over the sidewalk where the fruit guy’s cart should be. Then I saw the corner building scaffolding collapsed in a gigantic heap. I assumed a ginormo lightening bolt or a series of them (is that possible?) hit the corner. Then I saw the fruit stand guy looking shaken and my neighbors around him offering comfort. As I walked down the street, the tree carnage did not end. Leaves and branches were everywhere and cars were trashed. My mind went into detective mode trying to figure out what possibly could have caused such widespread chaos all the way to my apartment.

I have since taken a walk around and everything will be OK. Some of my neighbors have whopping insurance claims to be filed and argued.


Can time move backward? Has the future already happened? Are meetings of the Secret Science Club forbidden in a parallel universe? Uh-oh . . .

Tuesday, August 24, 8 PM @ the Bell House, Free: The Secret Science Club presents a mind-blowing screening of “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives,” with commentary by our in-house scientists

Singer-songwriter Mark Everett of the band Eels grew up not knowing that his father, Hugh Everett, was a genius—to him, his dad was the chain-smoking guy who didn’t say much at the dinner table. The fact that Hugh Everett was one of the world’s pre-eminent quantum mechanics, the physicist who came up with the Theory of Parallel Universes was just one more thing they didn’t discuss. Sadly, Hugh Everett’s theory was so revolutionary and so trippy that its elegance and importance were not recognized until well after his death. (Mark Everett was just 18 when he found his father lying dead at age of 51 on the family’s couch.) “Parallel Worlds, Parallel Lives” chronicles the journey of the musical-but-math-challenged son to learn more about his father’s profound contributions to science and the “Many Worlds” in which we all—for better or worse—may play out different versions of ourselves.

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Don’t Frack Up My Bagels!

I normally shy away from posting political stuff but this has to do with bagels, and the only thing I love more than Brooklyn is that I live 121 feet away from Le Bagel Delight. According to FIPS, Governor Patterson is fracking with our water (Fracking entails pouring gazillions of gallons of chemically-treated water deep underground, in order to break into a shale-protected motherlode of natural gas deposits [think lots of dinero for somebody]. All cocktail ingredients exempted from Clean Water Act disclosure rules). Not cool. So sign the petition to SAVE NEW YORK BAGELS!! (and the water supply for the the rest of non-bagel entities like us and our wildlife, eco system, pets and power)

Louis over at Terrace Bagels has gone the extra mile and posted this on YouTube:

The Death of AutoTune

Moment of silence…

The Blueprint 3I LOVE THIS VIDEO. Jay-Z announces the death of autotune and all the commercial fakery that comes with it, eats and gambles at Rao’s (best red sauce. period.), plays b-ball with LeBron James, and gives love to Brooklyn. How is it possible not to love Jay-Z? Yes, he’s commercial. But at least he’s got the ear and the talent to back it up.

Also, get the iTunes Deluxe version of this with videos and other goodies.


COME ON METAL HEADS! This is the only METAL bar in Brooklyn! They even got an autographed Hank III poster!
This place is cool! We can’t let it die. WE JUST CAN’T! I’m just gonna bring my change bucket and drink ’til it’s empty.

Save Lucky 13