Muddy Roots Festival 2011

Are you goin’? ‘Cause I’m goin’.

THIS is the music festival for you if you’re sitting there thinking (a) “I liked country music back when Hank Williams and Waylon Jennings ruled the roost, but what I see on CMT gives me a rash.” or (b) “I was weaned on rock and punk but I also have a Johnny Cash t-shirt.”

It’s during Labor Day weekend in Cookeville, TN (right outside Nashville). There’s camping, hot showers, and they’ll even set up a tent for you to rent. Or, if you’re a city slicker like me, the hotel down the road is $46 pp per night. (All the info is on their website)

And the music. Holy bunches of greatness, the music. The amazing Wanda Jackson is the big cheese, along with Don Maddox and Th’ Legendary Shack Shakers are headlining. I’m looking forward to seeing every other band just as much. Nobody beats the voice of Wayne ‘the train’ Hancock or the pure energy of Possessed by Paul James. I could ramble on an on with my music nerd obsessions here but suffice to say if you’re wondering what’s going on in underground country, this is our Woodstock. So be there, ’cause it’s gonna be great!

My Review: Outlaw Radio Compilation Volume 1 (updated)

I’ve had this compilation in my playlist since it arrived pre-ordered in the mail. It’s a great sampling of what some of us are listening to out there. The best review of it is by Triggerman of

Here’s my rundown:

  1. Gates of Heaven by The Dad Horse Experience – This one is from left field for me. Apparently, old country music is the bomb diggity in parts of Europe right now and this German fellow put out this tune and somehow it works. I love it.
  2. Another Round by Ol’ Red Shed – I file songs like this under PBR. I’m not a fan of PBR and have smelled enough of it warm mixed with stage sweat to be turned off by some mindless drinking songs.
  3. Death Don’t Have No Mercy by Black Eyed Vermillion and Handsome Andy Gibson – Black Eyed Vermillion is Gary Lindsey’s band and Andy Gibson, excuse me, Handsome Andy Gibson is a music virtuoso on mando, steel guitar, drobo and many other instruments. They both play in Hank III’s bands and this is one of the side projects that’s happening. This song comforted me during a mourning period this spring and I actually smile every time I hear it.
  4. Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven by Bob Wayne – I think Bob Wayne is the best writer of the current genre. He is a master story teller and one of the artists that I have every record of. His interviews are worth reading as well.
  5. Closer Still by Rachel Brooke – She takes my breath away. I have a demo of hers that she made using her computer, a guitar, and a bottle of gin. It’s perfection.

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