2012 Summer Concerts

It’s barely May and I already have a beefy list going. I’ll update it as I find out more.

Saturday, May 12th = ChristyFest, Shippensburg, PA
Friday, May 18th
= Husky Burnette: Rodeo Bar, NYC
Tuesday, June 5th
= Jimmy Cliff: Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park
Friday, June 8th
= The Goddamn Gallows: The Bell House, Brooklyn, NY
Friday, June 15th
= Esperanza Spalding: Celebrate Brooklyn at Prospect Park
Saturday, June 16th
= Ice T’s rockdoc “The Art of Rap
Sunday, July 1st
= Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band: Brooklyn Bowl
Wednesday, July 11th = Buddy Guy at World Financial Center Plaza
Wednesday, July 11th = Tchaikovsky NY Philharmonic at Prospect Park, Brooklyn
Saturday, July
21st = Arturo Sandoval: Celebrate Brooklyn in Prospect Park
Friday, July 27th – Sunday, July 29th
= Farmageddon Fest in West Yellowstone, Montana (I’ll be there in spirit!)
Monday, July 30th =
Public Enemy and Salt N Pepa: MLK Concert Series at Wingate Field, Brooklyn
Friday, August 31st – Sunday, September 2nd
= Muddy Roots in Cookeville, TN

2011: A Year in Music

What an amazing year for my underground favorites! Hank 3 became free, Muddy Roots was the festival of all festivals, the podcasting world became my CNN, and record labels turned out greatness like it’s their job.

As for hip-hop, I don’t have anything that gives off fireworks. ‘Lil Kim’s single “Black Friday” was an awesome dis war against Nicki Minaj but then face-planted with the ill planned release of her mixtape. The uber spectacle of Jay-Z and Kanye’s “Watch the Throne” just didn’t do it for me (though I kinda love the fun factor of the Otis video). There’s a new mixtape out by Lupe Fiasco called “Friend of the People” that’s been floating around. The final product is supposedly cancelled and what I’ve heard is very political and just what I’ve missed about hip-hop, but I’ll wait until the release to review it because I’m unsure if my copy’s legit.

A L B U M S :
Bob Wayne: Outlaw Carnie – As much as I think Bob Wayne walks on songwriting water, this cd is just too clean and polished for me. I’m too loyal to the previous releases of most of the songs. That said, I’m on the edge of my seat for his next release which will have the song I saw him write at Muddy Roots!
Caitlin Rose: Own Side Now – Thanks to Triggerman’s review, I bought this cd and it’s always somewhere in my rotation. The songs are well done and I look forward to listening to her future projects. (see video below)
Caleb Klauder’s Foghorn Trio: Sud De La Louisiane – I went to a house party where they played and was instantly captivated by their talent. I got a bit on YouTube and recommend this to anyone whose interested in the country French sounds of the Louisiana bayou. (see video below)
The Goddamn Gallows: Seven Devils – How I love this band! They are so talented and just about nothing beats their live shows. They reminds us why we love punk and what punk should be.

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Muddy Roots Festival 2011: My Review

(photo: to the left is Lone Wolf, one man band and master craftsman <not only is he perfect, he’s Italian too!> and to his right is BluesBeaten Redshaw who you need to know about)

I have no idea how I’m going to capture the magic of what just happened to me over the past week. I’ve taken notes, saved receipts, downloaded photos from Facebook, and am working on a YouTube playlist.

We arrived at Muddy Roots Friday night and I saw Baby Genius in the sign-in line. We looked like kids at Christmas. Everybody was so stoked to be there. We camped across the dirt road from the people I’ve been conversing with online via blogs and podcasts. The whole night was surreal like you’re walking through a dream state but it’s really happening. We met up and the conversation was so easy and effortless. There was also this great kismet level of timing that I encountered repeatedly with Aran Buzzas. My first star-struck moment was when Pier came and got us to see JB Beverley play Rolling Stones covers while he sat on the trunk of a car. It was surreal. You know that voice like you know your own skin. After that experience, I vowed to wander. So I walked past our tent, up a small hill (the one Miller faceplanted onto) and first thing I found was Bob Wayne’s trailer with him and some friends sitting outside writing a song. And I’m watching the creativity process from Mr. Bob Wayne himself. It was awe inspiring. He’s cool as hell. He remembered me and my friend from the Brooklyn show in July and my heart just about lept out in celebrity joy. Walking around became an adventure. Everybody was there. It was like a family reunion for the family you wish you had. Rachel Brooke was just beaming with fiancé happiness.

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Jayke Orvis: “It’s All Been Said”

This year has launched some fantastic projects and one of the most anticipated is Jayke Orvis’s solo debut, “It’s All Been Said”. I saw Jayke live last year-ish back when he was with The .357 String Band when they opened for Joe Buck in a little Polish nightclub here in Brooklyn. That show is going in the annals of awesomeness. A lot has changed since then. He’s now on the road with The Goddamn Gallows (you must see the show!) and has this solo cd aaaand will be on tour with Rachel Brooke and James Hunnicutt (coming to New Haven, CT on Sunday, October 3rd).

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Summer Shows 2010

Summer Show list 2010 is coming together! All shows are free or cheap and if you know anything that I don’t please email me at  Gillian dot Grey at yahoo dot com. Thanks!

Sunday, May 23rd 10 PM = Wayne the Train Hancock @ Public Assembly

Saturday, June 5th 4 PM = Ebony Bones @ Central Park Summer Stage
Sunday, June 6th 8 PM = Ebony Bones @ Southpaw
Friday, June 18th 7 AM = Carole King and James Taylor @ The Today Show
Friday, June 25th 8 PM = Lucky Tubb and the Modern Day Troubadours @ Public Assembly

Friday, July 2nd 7 AM = Mary J. Blige @ GMA Rumsey Playfield, Central Park
Saturday, July 10th 12 PM = Brooklyn Hip-Hop Festival @ Tobacco Warehouse (BK Bridge)
Saturday, July 10th 8 PM = The Goddamn Gallows @ The Bell House’s Annual Psychobilly Luau
Sunday, July 11th 3 PM = The Roots with Talib Kweli @ The Prospect Park Bandshell
Monday, July 12th 7:30 PM = George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic @ Wingate Field
Friday, July 23rd 8 PM = Viva le Vox @ Southpaw

Saturday, August 7th 6 PM = Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings @ Prospect Park Bandshell
Sunday, August 22nd 4 PM = Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears @ Central Park Summer Stage

My Review: Outlaw Radio Compilation Volume 1 (updated)

I’ve had this compilation in my playlist since it arrived pre-ordered in the mail. It’s a great sampling of what some of us are listening to out there. The best review of it is by Triggerman of SavingCountryMusic.com

Here’s my rundown:

  1. Gates of Heaven by The Dad Horse Experience – This one is from left field for me. Apparently, old country music is the bomb diggity in parts of Europe right now and this German fellow put out this tune and somehow it works. I love it.
  2. Another Round by Ol’ Red Shed – I file songs like this under PBR. I’m not a fan of PBR and have smelled enough of it warm mixed with stage sweat to be turned off by some mindless drinking songs.
  3. Death Don’t Have No Mercy by Black Eyed Vermillion and Handsome Andy Gibson – Black Eyed Vermillion is Gary Lindsey’s band and Andy Gibson, excuse me, Handsome Andy Gibson is a music virtuoso on mando, steel guitar, drobo and many other instruments. They both play in Hank III’s bands and this is one of the side projects that’s happening. This song comforted me during a mourning period this spring and I actually smile every time I hear it.
  4. Ain’t No Diesel Trucks in Heaven by Bob Wayne – I think Bob Wayne is the best writer of the current genre. He is a master story teller and one of the artists that I have every record of. His interviews are worth reading as well.
  5. Closer Still by Rachel Brooke – She takes my breath away. I have a demo of hers that she made using her computer, a guitar, and a bottle of gin. It’s perfection.

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The Goddamn Gallows!

Whadda Show! They SOLD OUT the place on a snowy crappy Sunday night! Such fun! They have energy to spare and showmanship in spades! I’ve never seen such dexterity and everyone knows how to play everything! When these guys blow through town, you really must catch the show!

The lead singer is a master showman and the band follows his zany antics wtih glee! I’ll get everyone’s name and update this as soon as I can. (I’m updating from work…shhhhh….)

And yes, Jayke Orvis is as talented and fun as ever. I am enjoying checking his gigs and following his path.

UPDATE: You wanna know what the show was like? Buy the cd!! 🙂